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Jungle Monkey Run is a fun platform game where you play as a small monkey running through a dangerous jungle to find food. If you like action-packed adventures that test your reflexes, this game will challenge you at every turn.

In Jungle Monkey Run, your chimp runs forward automatically, so all you have to worry about is jumping at the right moment. To jump, tap on the screen, making sure to time it correctly. If you don’t, you’ll hit an obstacle and fall into the abyss. Along the way, you’ll run into plenty of problems. Calculate the distances and times to reach your objective before you get to the end. In each stage of the game, you can collect a series of elements scattered around the map. Collect them, and don’t forget the bananas, which are absolutely essential.

This adventure takes you through the hidden parts of the jungle. You can also dive into a lake full of danger. Avoid the starfish, fish, and other objects hidden in the depths while you collect all the elements you need for your mission. If you run into something, you have to start over, or you can spend bananas to start over from where you left off.

Have a blast as you run through all kinds of secret places, collecting delicious bananas for your monkey as you jump through the jungle, completing fun missions in Jungle Monkey Run.


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