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If you enjoy platformers like the classic Mario Bros. to be specific, here you have Jungle Adventures Pro [FREE], a fun game based on the legendary platformer where you play Matt, who’s princess has been kidnapped by an evil demon.

Just like in Mario Bros., you have to travel through different worlds until you find the princess. Along the way, you’ll run into all sorts of enemies and obstacles; snails that you have to jump on to kill, and chasms that you can pass with a double jump. Also, you have to collect all the fruit you find along the way to get points and use them to buy lives.

If you manage to reach the end of the game, you’ll have battle against the hardest enemies, requiring you to put all your skills to use in order to reach the end and rescue your princess. Enjoy all the worlds included in Jungle Adventures Pro [FREE] and dedicate a few hours of fun to this extra important mission.

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