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In the 3D arcade game Juicy Fruit, you’ll have to try and roll all kinds of fruit from the start of the level all the way to a juicer at the end. But don’t let it roll too fast, or it could fly right off the track!

Juicy Fruit has super simple controls: just swipe the screen to tilt the level, and the fruit will start to roll. But be careful, tilt the level too far and the fruit could gain too much speed and fly right off the level. And if you lose your fruit, you’ll have to start over, so tilt the level gently!

Juicy Fruit has more than 300 different levels that you can unlock as you play. Like most arcade games, each new level is more difficult than the one before it, with new traps that will test your skills… and sometimes, your patience! On top of that, you can also unlock new fruits as you beat levels, with over a dozen different fruits in total.

Juicy Fruit is a simple -but super fun- arcade game, with loads of levels, loads of fruit, and gameplay that’s perfect for touchscreen devices. Overall it’s an entertaining game, with bright, outstanding graphics.


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