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JuiceSSH is just what its name suggests: an SSH client for Android that includes SSH, Local Shell, and Telnet support. With it, you can access, directly from your mobile device, any remote host you’ve set up.

Although it’s not the most important feature, it’s true that the enormous number of customization options in JuiceSSH make it very attractive. You can choose from more than a dozen custom themes with different color palettes. These changes are purely cosmetic, of course, but they’re still nice to have.

Customization aside, JuiceSSH also lets you copy and paste between sessions, click on URLs to open them in the browser, save SSH transcripts directly to Dropbox, and even keep multiple SSH sessions in the background.

JuiceSSH is an excellent tool for users looking for a good SSH client. It has plenty of features, including a nice interface that’s perfectly adapted to touchscreens.

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