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Juice Jam is yet another Candy Crush Saga clone. This time, instead of matching candy, you match colored fruit. Besides this superficial change, the gameplay is exactly the same as in all the other match 3 games like it.

In each level of Juice Jam, you try to match a specific number of pieces of fruit before you run out of moves. Of course, if you finish a level before running out of moves, you get more points. You can also get more points or make special fruit by matching more than three similar pieces of fruit at the same time.

As with all the games in this genre, Juice Jam’s strengths are its colorful graphics and its user-friendly gameplay. Any Android user – from a five-year-old girl to a eighty-year-old man – can pick up an Android and enjoy this game.

Juice Jam is a simple casual game that’s both entertaining and visually appealing. Of course, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but luckily it doesn’t even try. It’s yet another one of those games made for anyone who wants to pass some time playing a fun and easy game.


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