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Joylada is an app that lets you read loads of novels in the form of a chat conversation. The app is relatively similar to Seen or Hooked, but mainly focuses on romances instead of horror or mysteries stories.

Though lots of the stories you can read on Joylada have a romantic backdrop, the app does offer novels in all genres. You’ll find tales of drama, comedy, mystery, science fiction, etc. – all of them perfectly organized so you won’t have any problems finding what you’re looking for.

As you’d expect, you can start reading any story on Joylada and leave the rest for later if you want. When you come back to one you can keep reading right where you left off. Plus you can read as many stories at once as you fancy.

Joylada is an excellent reading app thanks to which you can enjoy tons of short novels in chat format. Plus the stories are arranged by popularity and rating, so you’ll normally find the best ones first.


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