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Match as many jewels as you can to make them disappear in the puzzle game Jewel Legend. This match 3 game is very similar to popular titles like Bejeweled or Candy Crush.

Jewel Legend’s gameplay will be very familiar to any match 3 fan: just match jewels to complete each level’s goals before you run out of moves. Most of the levels require you to eliminate a certain number of specific jewels, but sometimes you’ll have to destroy frozen blocks or get keys to the bottom of the screen.

And if you manage to combine four or more pieces, you’ll get a power-up, which will help you make even more jewels disappear! Jewel Legend also has special powers you can use to remove jewels from the screen or get a few extra moves to help you beat tricky levels.

Overall, Jewel Legend is a fun match 3 puzzle game with more than 700 levels to beat. On top of all that, you can even connect to your Facebook account and compete against your friends!



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