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Jelly Fill is a Tetris-style puzzle game in which your mission is to move pieces until they all fit together. To do so, rotate each piece until it will fall into just the right place when you let it go.

Although Jelly Fill seems to have simple gameplay, the levels gradually get more and more difficult. All the pieces that you’ll have to fit together are shown at the bottom of the screen. To add one to the board, just tap it, move it until it will fall in an ideal spot, and let it go.

While it might seem easy, you’ll have to place each piece very precisely to beat all the levels in Jelly Fill. Not only that, but as you beat levels you’ll soon encounter spaces that will be much more difficult to fit all the pieces into.

Jelly Fill has dozens of levels that will test your spatial visualization skills as you try to fit all the pieces into one small area. On top of all that, the blocks are made of stretchy jelly, so you can move them around a bit as you play.


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