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Jackal Squad is a very addictive action game where you take the wheel of an armored jeep to destroy every enemy base you find. The Second World War has broken out, and your mission is to disarm all the enemies by destroying all the camps where they have hidden soldiers and prepared weapons for the battle.

The gameplay in Jackal Squad is very simple. To control the armored vehicle, all you have to do is swipe wherever you want on the screen. Enemies and buildings will appear along the way that you have to defeat and destroy, so make sure they are inside your destructive range to reach them. Nothing outside of your action radius can be destroyed, but you might take on damage if you get closer to your enemies. Calculate the danger, distance and your moves down to the millimeter to come out of every dangerous battle alive.

This impressive action game will have you hooked for hours in games where your mission is to destroy everything you can. Along the way, you can collect upgrades for your jeep (shooting from the sides, more projectiles, greater power…) that will be automatically applied. Discover all the hidden bonuses and equip yourself with whatever you need to destroy the enemies. During your adventure, you can also increase your health and attack range using the bonus bubbles that pop up from the ashes of your enemies.

Lastly, you can upgrade your jeep off the battlefield, so that every time you go and fight, you will have an even greater destructive power. Get all kinds of elements to equip your vehicle with and create the most efficient destructive machine the world has ever seen. Enjoy an incredibly addictive game where you have to destroy everything in your path.


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