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Island King 2021 is back with new features, regarding the successful Island King, and brings you to Luna once more to experience exciting adventures together. In this installment, you will also have to look after your island and attack rival villages to get coins, all while trying to find the girl’s father who is lost somewhere in this universe.

You only have a few items on your island during the first few levels of Island King 2021. This is why you need to use the slot machine that lets you get benefits. By trying your luck, you will try to gather lots of coins and special attacks to approach your friends’ villages.

When getting ready to attack the rival islands, all you have to do is mark the area where you want to send each projectile. This will let you weaken, bit by bit, the strength of the other players that you find along the way. You can link your Facebook account to the game so that the enemies you fight are your friends who also play Island King 2021.

Luna needs your help to find her father, and you can achieve this by improving the conditions of your island in Island King 2021. Becoming the ruler of each territory is no easy task, but conquering other players’ islets will bring you a little closer.


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