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Is-it Love? Sebastian is an interactive story in which you can choose what the starring character answers and decide the future development of the romantic novel.

To start playing you have to decide which name you want the girl to have and tap your mobile phone or tablet screen. The game develops into a love story between Sebastian, the professor, and the starring girl. In the beginning, she discovers that vampires are a real thing, not fiction like she and the whole world thought, and this has a great impact on her life.

In each episode, you can choose between several options that change the way the story adapts to your preferences. To read each episode you need to use some of your energy points, when you run out of them you can play a mini-game and earn up to 100 points daily, or if you prefer, you can buy them in the energy points store. Also, each day your 300 free energy points are refilled.

Start reading and turn Is-it Love? Sebastian into your own story.

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