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Firstborn: Kingdom Come is a strategy and resource management game that challenges you to develop and expand your kingdom while you fight off your enemies, who are controlled by other players. Moreover, when you face other armies, the controls will be in real-time.

Gameplay is really similar to that of other games where speed is key when creating buildings and putting together new armies. Time is the real currency when you have to grow as fast as possible, as well as using your skills to design heroes and armies to defend strategic points on the map.

The combat system, however, is totally different! You can watch the battles in real time and with amazing 3D visuals. The best part is that you’re not just a spectator because you can conjure different special characters at certain spots in the arena as well as perform magic spells that can get rid of entire units in just one strike.

Firstborn: Kingdom Come would be extremely similar to other management games around the Android world if it wasn’t for its absolutely spectacular and massive combat system that almost entices you into fighting other players rather than focusing on measures to ensure your prosperity.



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