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If you love fountain pens and often use them to take notes or write on paper, INKredible is an app that you’ll love. You can use it to take notes with style, no matter where you are. You can customize the stroke of your favorite pen, open the notepad, and create true original compositions with dozens of different colors, to surprisingly realistic result.

INKredible offers a unique writing experience thanks to its perfect stroke. To write, you just have to slide your finger over the paper, and get carried away by the ink, which stains the paper as real ink would: the longer you leave the tip pressed on the screen, the larger stroke the pen will create; the faster you do it, the finer the stroke. Its features aim to create a completely customizable fountain pen.

INKredible has a wide range of colors, as well as width and opacity regulators, an eraser, and a shortcut to your gallery so you can add any picture saved on your device, or one that you take in the moment. In any case, you don’t have limits to how much you can write, or how many images you can add (over which you can draw in any color or size).

Each of the notes can be saved for you to read at any time or edited as needed. If you want a perfect stroke but the eraser is too big, you can always take a step back and undo the changes, which allows you to repeat an action as much as needed. If you want to start over, you can tap the three dots and delete the page. You can also print your composition or share it with your friends.


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