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Infinity Loop: Energy is a puzzle game developed by Infinity Games (Infinity SHAPES, Infinity Loop: Hex, etc). This time, your mission is to use all the equipment in the screen, including energy sources, lightbulbs and conductors to complete an electrical circuit. Just rotate all the pieces until they complete the circuit and all the lightbulbs light up!

This game has a super simple controls: tap on any piece to rotate it clockwise. And that’s it! Keep rotating the pieces to complete the circuit in each level, which become more and more complex as you progress through the game. Although the first few levels are pretty simple, but you’ll soon have to complete intricate circuits with more then a dozen lightbulbs and energy sources.

On top of all that, Infinity Loop: Energy’s gameplay is perfect for touchscreen devices, and there’s loads of levels, each one more difficult than the last. Overall, Infinity Loop: Energy is an excellent puzzle game, with great graphics, a superb soundtrack, and tons of puzzles to solve.


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