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Infinite Stairs is an arcade game where players have to try to climb as high as they can on an infinite staircase that reaches the sky. But obviously even a single misstep will fling your character into the void and you’ll have to start over from the beginning.

Infinite Stairs’ controls are totally bewildering and at the beginning you’ll fall over and over again. You have a button to make your character go up one stair, and another to make them turn. Nothing else. Using these you have to try to climb as high as you can.

As you climb the stairs and get higher, you’ll unlock new characters and pets. All the characters have the same abilities, but their pixel art style makes trying to unlock all of them worth the effort.

Infinite Stairs is a game with a simple approach but a very fun and addictive gameplay. It’s a title with ample potential to keep you hooked for hours. Especially once you get the hang of its strange controls.



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