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Infinite Lagrange is a strategy game that takes you into space where you can experience exciting intergalactic adventures. Lead your space team and make important decisions like choosing to create ships, strengthen stations, and attack enemy fleets while defending every territory you create.

Without a doubt, the visuals in Infinite Lagrange are spectacular in every sense of the word. The beginning of the game is very visual and you’re introduced to the background of this story. Once you’re in space, you can follow how the action unfolds in these very realistic 3D galaxies.

In order to conquer certain space territories, you have to complete the missions that are entrusted to you. However, if you want to attack certain stargates it’s essential to prepare your ships for such a task. To do so, there are a bunch of pieces that you can unlock to enhance your fleet. On the other hand, there’s a map that helps you keep control of all the processes you’ve initiated.

Creating a good strategy in Infinite Lagrange is no easy task. However, you can attack your enemies and conquer their territories little by little. Even if the battles are executed automatically, you can always intervene and send the best squad for the task. Discovering new technologies and applying them in the space workshop is another determining factor in your evolution within the game.

By discovering new technologies you can assert your authority throughout an entire galaxy. Infinite Lagrange is a game that keeps you glued to your smartphone’s screen. We’re talking about an outstanding spaceship game that has a great visual section and an ideal soundtrack that invites you to enjoy every game.


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