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Infinite Knights: Ash is a strategy game where you help a brave knight destroy all the enemies in his way. This game is set in a universe under siege by countless monsters, dragons, and other bloodthirsty creatures.

Use the best tactics to fight against each group of enemies in dynamic, turn-based combats. In each round, you’ll find a timeline at the bottom of the screen where you can schedule attacks against your adversaries. This way, you can make the most of each blow as you reduce your enemies’ vital stats.

Infinite Knights: Ash has 2D graphics and an attention-grabbing soundtrack that will hook you from the very beginning. Each battle unfolds to epic music, resulting in an immersive gaming experience. As you play, you’ll also find all kinds of weapons, objects, and potions that you can add to your inventory.

Infinite Knights: Ash has addictive controls and an interesting premise where you accompany this warrior on his quest to defend humanity from a multitude of monsters. Take advantage of your opportunities to attack, striking down your enemies and protecting this universe from evil forces.


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