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iNaturalist is a network based on natural observation where you can not only share the plants and animals you encounter in your daily life, but also identify them simply by taking a photo.

Although the app has an overwhelming amount of content, it’s easy enough to use. On the main screen, you’ll see a selection of species commonly seen around your current location. At the bottom, you’ll see a camera icon which you can use to log a new species. And from the menu on the left side, you can browse various plants and species at a glance. If you tap on the camera, you can take a photo of a plant or animal in real time or select an image from your gallery, after which the app will work on identifying it.

If you tap on the drop-down menu, on the other hand, you can access all the species categories already registered on iNaturalist: birds, fungi, shrubs, flowers, reptiles, insects, fish, mammals, trees, and more. Tap on any of these categories to explore that kind of species within your area, or explore other places to learn about the species found there. All you have to do is take a photo (in focus and centered) of a plant, for example, and in a few seconds, the app will tell you what plant it is.

Besides all these features, this app also includes challenges, objectives, and missions to encourage its users to pay more attention to the natural world around them.

iNaturalist is an incredibly interesting app that helps you explore your local area with a new perspective.


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