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Imposter Solo Kill is a wildly fun puzzle game that borrows its setting and gameplay from Among Us, all to create a superb puzzle game. Playing as the notorious impostor, your objective in Imposter Solo Kill is the same as in Among Us: kill the rest of the crew and avoid being identified as the impostor at all costs.

Gameplay in Imposter Solo Kill couldn’t be easier: once you’ve entered the scenario, you can move through it by tapping where you want to move. You can also tap on members of the crew to kill them or on other objects to interact with them, like opening doors, cutting the power, or turning off the lights.

In order to successfully complete your mission, you’ll need to analyze the situation before you act, worrying about the same variables as you would in the original version of Among Us.

Imposter Solo Kill is a game that’s fun, addictive, and has quality to spare. It’s sure to delight anyone who enjoys a challenging puzzle or is already obsessed with Among Us.



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