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Illusion Connect is an RPG that immerses you in tons of turn-based combats that are packed with rhythm and action. Using the attacks of the characters that you unlock, you’ll have a blast trying to form strategies in a quest to take down all your rivals.

In Illusion Connect, you’ll discover tons of characters with different abilities. Depending on the enemies you’re face with on the board, you’ll have to use one power or another. Also, you can place your characters anywhere on the board to make sure your offensive attacks well-structured.

Illusion Connect also offers eye-catching 2D graphics. From the bottom of the screen, you can drag each hero to the battle grid while you slide to attack on your turn. Meanwhile, you’ll also have to try to take full advantage of your characters’ defensive qualities in order to withstand rival attacks.

Illusion Connect lets you use different strategies that will help you destroy any enemy who dares to challenge you. From the main menu, you’ll also have access to the different game modes as you unlock resources. You can use some of these to decorate your house to enjoy it while not in combat or to equip your characters with new attacks that make them stronger.


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