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iGun Pro 2 is a must-have app in the personal collection of every gun lover, as it lets players inspect guns down to the smallest detail and shoot a large number of real gun models in a very true-to-life way.

The intelligent and self-explanatory interface design means that virtually any player can enjoy the gameplay right from the start, regardless of the experience they may have with this kind of app.

Once you open iGun Pro 2, you will see a menu where you can browse all the game’s gun models. Although you’ll begin your adventure with a very limited number of these pistols, rifles and shotguns, you can gradually increase this amount by opening loot boxes or using real money.

Once you’ve found the gun you want to try out, just tap on it, and the model will automatically open on the screen. The model will be fully interactive, and you will be able to, besides shooting, check out the chamber, switch between firing modes, reload… In short, you can do practically the same as with a real gun.


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