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Idle World is an incremental game where you start with a planet that’s completely uninhabited and desolate. As you play, you slowly fill it with life, creating each of the elements for your paradise one at a time. Basically, you have to transform a rock floating in space into a thriving planet full of life.

The premise of Idle World, like almost all idle clickers and other incremental games, is very simple: you need energy to create new elements which then produce more energy. This way, little by little, you can create more and more elements, getting more energy as you go. Your final objective, of course, is to create the most beautiful planet you can.

When you start playing Idle World, all you’ll have is a giant rock floating in space with absolutely nothing on it. But slowly, you can add water and start producing a little energy. From there, you can add soil, sand, mountains, plateaus, clay, and much more. And each new element you discover will give you more energy than the last.

Idle World is an incremental game that you can play for hours and hours. Unlike other similar games, this one has plenty of temporary power-ups, giving you boosts of energy to leap ahead.


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