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Idle Ghost Hotel is a casual game that transports you to a hotel that is being guarded by tons of ghosts. By tapping the different elements in this building, you have to level up the facilities to increase the number of paranormal beings.

The 2D visuals in Idle Ghost Hotel let you see each part of the hotel. Through the interface’s vertical perspective, you can manage all the elements in this clicker with just one hand. In fact, the easy controls are typical of this type of game.

Every time a ghost’s shadow appears on the screen, you have to try and tap on the being to get it to appear. This will fill your hotel with more characters that will use the rooms, elevators and other elements that you set up. What’s more, you can check the different types of unlocked specters from the main menu, so you can manage all the characters you get.

Idle Ghost Hotel has an already well-known gameplay that is still quite entertaining, thanks to the gloomy environment you play in. With the rewards you get, you can unlock loads of items that will help you upgrade the facilities in this nightmarish hotel.

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