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Idle Eleven is a clicker game that gives you the chance to put together your very own soccer team. Your goal is to generate profits that will allow you to increase the quality of your team as you go. This way, you’ll attract a larger social following and thus make a greater impact while strengthening the internal structure of your soccer team.

To begin with, Idle Eleven will ask you to select the country where you want to create the team. The next step is to put together a competitive squad that will allow you to gradually increase your profits. You’ll be able to use this money to sign players with more international experience to strengthen your team and all the positions played on the field. In addition, as the minutes go by, new players will appear for you to recruit and offer attractive contracts to.

Another interesting feature in Idle Eleven is the ability to interchange the players that make up your starting lineup. If you tap on them, you’ll be able to see their different qualities, which will improve as time goes on. Meanwhile, you’ll only have to slide your finger vertically over each player’s card in order to collect the money generated by each member of the team.

Idle Eleven is one of those titles where you’ll have to repeatedly tap on the screen in order to improve your soccer team to make it as successful and profitable as possible. Hands down, it’s an incredibly entertaining game which will put your skills to the test as you try to manage a soccer team anywhere in the world.

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