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Idle Arks is a lovely action and adventure game where you play a castaway who’s been trapped on a small wooden raft after a huge flood. Your goal is to help him survive as you try to build an ark that’s sturdy enough to live on until everything returns to normal.

The gameplay in Idle Arks is as follows: you need to help this man complete different missions in order to survive. The first missions range from cutting wood to building a bigger raft or planting carrots to survive. However, you’ll gradually be able to unlock new missions that will allow you to advance in the story. For example, you’ll have to rescue another castaway, build a room on your raft, and lastly, go on an expedition in search of other survivors.

On top of all that, you also have to pay attention to the objects that are floating around you: pieces of wood and bottles are precious commodities for improving your boat, but so are the fish swimming nearby that you can catch and eat.

Idle Arks is an incredibly fun game that lets you have a great time building tools, fishing strange objects out of the water, and fighting for your survival in the middle of a planet that’s flooded with water. And to top it all off, the graphics are stunning.

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