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Hyper Evolution is a casual game where you evolve from species to species by eating other, smaller animals. For example, in the first few levels, you play as a small fish that eats smaller fish.

Use the virtual D-pad on the screen to move your fish anywhere in the ocean. You’ll see your fish growing little by little, and before long, it will transform into a bigger and more eye-catching version of its former self.

On each level, Hyper Evolution indicates how many animals you need to eat in order to evolve into the next species. This way, you can keep an eye your progress and see if you’re on track.

Hyper Evolution has striking 3D graphics so you can see each species in all its glory. With simple gameplay, you can evolve from species to species until you’re an impressive mammal. At the end of each level, you can also watch ads in exchange for extra rewards that accelerate your evolution.


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