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Hybrid Animals is a highly addictive survival and exploration game where you raise your own creatures and explore giant worlds where you run into all kinds of danger. Throw yourself into the adventure of raising monsters and then go everywhere with them. Meanwhile, you can level up and improve their unique skills and characteristics.

In this incredible adventure, you start the game by selecting two creatures. These creatures combine to form a new monster with the best traits of each. In Hybrid Animals, there are loads of options, that let you play with thousands of fantastic creatures that you can only discover by combining them all.

Once you create your character, you appear in a world formed by chance. In each new game, you have a huge world to discover. Enjoy hundreds of hours of fun with thousands of creatures, in millions of potential worlds.

Hybrid Animals’ worlds, is full of adversaries to defeat and elements to collect—discover everything before you, and explore a world full of dangers. Collect money and buy weapons to defend yourself from anything that might pose a threat to you. When you finish off an adversary, you earn experience, and when you level up, you get points that let you improve your characteristics.

Hybrid Animals has a survival mode that puts you to the test when faced with aggressive adversaries, and a combat mode where you can face off against real players. Enter eight-player games with your special creature and take out anyone that crosses your path. Enjoy exploring vast worlds and endless games in Hybrid Animals.


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