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Hugo Super Skater is an endless runner where you join a character called Hugo on his skateboard journey to get past all the obstacles. You will use your reflexes and make sure not to hit any element to get the highest score possible.

The controls in Hugo Super Skater are typical of this type of game. Simply swipe the screen to get your character to move in the direction you want. Of course, if you need to jump or slide on the floor, you can do so to avoid hitting anything that might stop your progress.

Throughout the different levels in Hugo Super Skater, there will also be some rewards for you to collect. At the same time, there will be many instances when you can combine moves to create epic combos that let you increase your final score immensely.

Hugo Super Skater’s gameplay will already be familiar to you due to the huge number of endless runners in the Android games catalog. However, the originality of this character will make you want to keep beating the levels. What’s more, you can also unlock skins and new skills from the main menu to try out different ways of making your way through each scene.


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