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HUAWEI Smart diagnosis is a very useful tool built into Huawei devices that should be quite helpful to users. Through this service you can verify in seconds the status of lots of different registries on your device.

In recent years this Shenzhen-based Chinese brand has been presenting devices with the latest technology. This makes it essential for users to have a tool to measure the status of each component and feature.

Doing a scan with HUAWEI Smart diagnosis is as intuitive as can be. Basically you just access the quick services on any Huawei device and from here it’ll be simple to open this tool. You’ll see in a nice layout the green and red icons that show if there’s a problem or, conversely, that everything is fully operational.

With HUAWEI Smart diagnosis you’ll run a quick diagnostic of different sections of your Huawei smartphone, such as the WiFi or Bluetooth connection, the condition of the proximity and gravity sensors, the battery charge, and GPS coverage.


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