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Horizon Chase is a 3D driving game where players get behind the wheels of over 20 distinct sports cars. Feel the thrill of the road calling as you surpass your opponents for the win in race after race, picking up wads of prize money on the way. As you go, you can make purchases to fine tune your car.

Control systems in Horizon Chase are customizable and there are up to three different options to choose from. Regardless of which car you choose as your race vehicle, all of them are fairly easy to drive. All you have to do is put the pedal to the metal non-stop and hold on tight so you don’t slide off the road in those hairpin curves.

That said, one thing you should keep in mind is that the free demo for Horizon Chase only includes 5 different race circuits, but from within the app itself you can unlock additional content by making a quick in-app purchase. Even so, with 5 free circuits, there’s more than enough fun than almost any of the other titles within this genre.

Horizon Chase is brutally. It’ll draw you in with its jaw-dropping visuals, and keep you hooked thanks to its outstanding gameplay. All in all Horizon Chase is one of the best driving games on Android today. Its control systems are perfect for touchscreen devices and come with a wide array of circuits and cars to pick from. If you’re a fan of iconic games like Outrun, you’re sure to love this title that pays homage to classic racing games.



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