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Hidden City Hidden Object Adventure is a game that’s full of levels where you have to prove how sharp your vision is as you search high and low for hidden objects. This title immerses you in diverse settings where you have to help a group of detectives complete each one of their missions.

In Hidden City Hidden Object Adventure you’ll identify all the objects you find using a list found in the lower part of the screen. After looking it over, you just have to start tapping on these elements as you find them in each image. After each discovery, you’ll see how each of your findings is marked off the list.

It’s worth mentioning that there’s more than just one game mode in Hidden City. While you discover the ins and outs of this story, you can also solve match 3 puzzles or find the differences between two identical scenes. Likewise, you also have mini-games where you get to match up like-objects.

Hidden City Hidden Object Adventure offers tons of minigames to keep you entertained and prove that you’re an expert detective. All with a simple gameplay that lets you play quick short rounds wherever and whenever you want.



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