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Hexapolis is a turn-based strategy game belonging to the 4X subgenre (explore, expand, exploit and exterminate). Here, you can enjoy an experience that’s similar to the games of the Civilization saga, but in smaller doses, perfect for relatively quick games on your Android smartphone.

The main difference between classic 4X games and Hexapolis is that you don’t have to commit to playing long, practically endless rounds. Instead, each of the game’s levels has a very specific objective, such as capturing a city, and a maximum number of turns to complete this goal. This will drastically reduce the length of games, while still offering a very similar gameplay experience.

Almost all of the levels in Hexapolis start in a similar way: with your city at level one and a basic warrior. Every time you finish a turn, you’ll get coins, which you can use to upgrade your empire’s technology, construct new buildings, or recruit new units. Whenever you do any of this, your city will also gain experience points, which will allow it to level up. And for each level up, you’ll be able to choose between several different improvements.

Between levels, you’ll be able to use the rewards from your victories to unlock all kinds of additional content or improve your units. For example, you’ll be able to earn permanent improvements that’ll allow you to start new rounds with more coins or better technologies. Considering that the difficulty level increases as you win rounds, these are improvements that you’ll need.

Hexapolis is an excellent turn-based strategy game that lets you enjoy the 4X experience in a much smaller format that’s better adapted to mobile devices. In just ten minutes, you’ll be able to explore a continent, expand your empire, exploit nearby resources, and exterminate all your opponents.


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