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Hellrider 3 is a 3D driving game that, unlike its previous installments in the saga, strays away from the traditional arcade to offer a narrative experience that is as surprising as it is fun. At the beginning of the adventure, you can choose between two different characters. You’ll ride along with your character to experience a story full of motorcycles, demons, and cataclysms.

The control system of Hellrider 3 remains faithful to the saga- tap on either side of the screen to turn your motorbike and tap on both at the same time to wheelie your bike. Shooting at your enemies is as easy as grabbing ammo on the road and driving close to them. Similarly, you can throw a bomb by tapping on the screen at the exact right time.

The story of Hellrider 3 is set in the present day and it all begins when your character arrives at a gas station. After your pit stop, get ready because some demonic bikers will steal your bike and you have to recover it with the help of the gas station’s owner. But the fun doesn’t stop there, you also have to defeat the Demon King and all his lineage.

One of the most entertaining aspects of Hellrider 3 is, without a single shred of doubt, the enormous amount of customization options. You can purchase dozens of different skins for your character (male or female) and unlock as many motorcycles to ride at full speed on the highway. You can also get different skills to fight against your enemies.

Hellrider 3 is an excellent 3D driving game, with a perfect control system for touchscreens and a really fun story mode. The graphics are also great and fit perfectly with the wacky tone of the story.


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