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Hello Cats is a puzzle game similar to Hello Stars of Draw Lines (both of which were developed by the same team). To play, you have to draw on the screen, trying to interact with the cats on each level. On some levels, you’ll have to annoy the cat on duty, and on others, you’ll have to give the cat water to drink.

Gameplay in Hello Cats is simple: by drawing on the screen, you can create all kinds of objects to help you complete that level’s objective. In some levels, there are areas where you can’t draw, while in others, you’ll have to use rockets or find ways to give the cat water.

In Hello Cats, you can play hundreds of different levels, which of course get more difficult as you go. Little by little, you’ll make your way through the game, trying to solve puzzles that will test you in new ways each time.

Hello Cats is an excellent puzzle game with an innovative and impressive gameplay, great physics, and nice graphics.


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