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Headway is a personal growth app designed to help its users become the best version of themselves through series of self-help books.

Headway works as follows: when you open the app, you have to complete a short questionnaire where you will be asked which areas you are hoping to improve upon. You can choose between six options (being the best at work, having more money, being more productive, having a stronger family, a healthier body, or loving and being loved). Then, you have to select the areas of yourself that you want to improve. You can choose between 16 options, among which are: being a better parent, having more self-confidence, becoming more empathetic, etc. After this, you will be asked to choose between one and four celebrities that you look up to and, lastly, you will have to choose a selection of books based on whether the title interests you or not.

After all of this, you will have access to the app’s content, with hundreds of self-help books in text or audio form. You can also save your favorite books so you don’t lose them.

Headway is a good archive of self-help books that gives its users a personalized reading experience with clear goals.


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