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Imagine that your Viking ship has arrived on an island where you have to create a village and live there. This is the plot of Harvest land, a casual game where you’ll have to tap on all the elements that appear on the screen to create an entire village.

In Harvest land you’ll have to do more than simply sow and collect food such as wheat, grapes and other fruits. You’ll also have to carry out daily tasks in this land, like raising animals and getting the most out of the farm. Without a doubt, another one of the most fun parts of the game is building new chicken coops and pens to house an ever-increasing number of species.

As you advance through the different levels in the game, you’ll have the possibility to invest your earnings to expand the production possibilities. This is how you’ll manage to make this unique village grow nonstop. On the other hand, you need to make sure not to lower your guard, since there will be times when you’ll have to fight against different monsters prowling the island.

If you want to create your own island and increase your resources to fill this place with life, Harvest land is the game for you. Carefully consider all the elements to expand your universe.


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