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If you’re a fan of shooters and the prop hunt genre, then you’ll like this. H.I.D.E. is a game that combines these two elements in an incredibly fun way that’s full of action and adventure. Delve deep inside official residence of the Presiden of the United States of America, either as a policeman or invader, your choice. Enjoy this adventure that’s as wacky as it is fun.

The game’s matchmaking will match you with other players, all of you will be separated into two different teams: policemen or invaders. This last team will have to stop at nothing to sneakily infiltrate themselves into the famous White House. If you’re part of this team, you’ll have to take the shape of any elements that surround you and remain hidden until the end of the round. So, make sure you move as little as possible or avoid visual contact with anyone so you don’t fail in your mission.

But, if you’re part of the White House’s police team, your mission will be a little more complex. You and your team will win the round only if you can detect the hidden invaders and to do so, you have to pay close attention and sharpen your sight. If anything moves, shoot immediately! If you think something might possibly move, shoot immediately! If you think something could maybe, possibly move, shoot immediately! You, your teammates and your rivals only have one life and if it reaches zero you’ll die. So, regardless of your team, your mission is to survive and kill your enemies before they kill you.

Enjoy hiding inside all kinds of settings or seeking your hidden rivals with H.I.D.E., a super fun game where nothing is what it seems.



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