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Gymondo is an app that aims to help you get into shape without ever having to set foot inside a gym. With tons of customized plans, you can strengthen each one of your muscle groups according to your current fitness level and depending on the results you want to get in the long and short run.

A key feature in Gymondo is that before you start each workout routine, you can choose if you’re male or female to better adapt the exercises. Another interesting aspect in the app is that you can select specific body parts that you want to work on during the sessions to strengthen specific muscle groups.

When you enter into each workout, you’ll find perfectly created videos that make sure you won’t miss a single detail of each exercise. It even offers the possibility to connect your Spotify playlists to help you get motivated with your favorite songs.

Gymondo is a great exercise platform that can help you stay in shape, right in the comfort of your own home. With tons of exercises adapted to your own personal needs, you just have to put on your workout gear and start moving along with the videos for each workout.


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