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Gym Flip is a game of skill where you put yourself in an athlete’s shoes with the goal of passing all the stages of the contest with the most incredible flips. If you like skill-based games and you want to test your reflexes, Gym Flip will give you a real challenge where reflexes are essential for getting to the end.

The gameplay in this adventure is very easy: reach the end by swinging from one pole to another and calculate the exact moment to let go to go forward. Although the gameplay is very easy, jumping well presents its own challenge, as your character will spin at high speed to propel himself through the jumps. To jump to the next point, you have to tap on the screen at the exact moment your character moves forward. If you fail the jump, you will have to start from the beginning.

To swing hard and reach the next pole, you have to press the screen until your athlete has the necessary momentum. You will have to calculate everything you need to reach the next swinging point and, although you can jump whenever you want, you will lose strength as you turn.

Your ultimate goal is to reach the finish line without falling into the void. At the top of the screen, you can see the progress of each level. When you reach the next grip point, you will see your bar move forward, closer to the end. This is a good indication of where the finish line is. Go as far as you can in this adventure full of acrobatics and put your finger agility and reaction abilities to the test.


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