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Guns at Dawn: Shooter Arena is an action and adventures game where you play the role of different gunmen to try and impose your authority in the Wild West. To do this, you will use all the available weapons and test your aiming skills for hitting different critical points on the enemy as accurately as possible.

In Guns at Dawn: Shooter Arena, all the elements and characters have been developed in 3D. This factor, together with a good soundtrack, lets you experience exciting PvP battles where other users try to win each duel. To prevent this, you need to press the shoot button and let go to open fire when you’re aiming at an enemy’s critical point. By doing this, you will be just one step away from reducing their health to nothing.

To move your gunman, you just have to tap on the joystick on the left of the screen. If you prefer, you can also change the button distribution until you’re happy with them. What’s more, you can also find rankings in this game that put you in the fight to rise to the top of every online competition.

Guns at Dawn: Shooter Arena is a gunman game that transports you to realistic 3D settings to open fire in close combat. Brazenly try to hit each enemy with your ammo while dodging their own shots.



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