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GT Manager is an addictive sports simulator with a very interesting twist. Instead of controlling the driver of the racing vehicle, you’ll play his ‘coach.’ By giving him different orders on how to approach the different elements of the competition, your goal in GT Manager will be to manage all the aspects of the car, as well as your driver’s level of fatigue, to try to get as high on the podium as you can.

Although the GT Manager interface can be a bit overwhelming at first, it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to completely master all of its secrets. Once the race starts, your vehicle will start to drive automatically and you’ll have to tap on the appropriate commands on the interface to tell it when to accelerate, when to slow down and when a pit stop is necessary.

Your decisions will directly influence the outcome of the race. If you manage to get on the podium, GT Manager will reward you with coins and experience that you can invest in improving both your team and your driver.

GT Manager not only features solid execution, but also offers a satisfying visual experience that keeps the high-speed feel of real car racing intact.

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