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Grow Turret is an incremental game that mixes concepts from idle clickers, or rather, idle tappers with tower defense. It’s an incredibly fun game where you have to destroy the zombies lurking around you.

Your mission in Grow Turret is to create the best possible defense force against the zombies by deploying turrets around a map. Although they’ll attack automatically, you’ll spend a good while touching the screen in order to increase how often the turrets shoot from your base.

In addition to advancing through the different screens in Grow Turret, you have a few special events that will put your strategy to the test: battles against final bosses and resistance against hordes of zombies. These events differ from the ‘normal mode’ since you’ll have to mount your defense force in a moving vehicle that will have to go up against your enemies. Instead of racing against the clock, you have to make sure the zombies don’t destroy your vehicle.

The best thing about Grow Turret is that its clicker gameplay makes it look extremely simple at first. However, you’ll soon realize that what’s really important here is where you place your towers. Each one has a different range and type of attack. This makes it crucial to organize them well on your little board in order to beat all the zombies. Also, you have a ton of different turrets to discover, and you even have the possibility to create your own.

Grow Turret is an excellent title that fans of idle games are sure to love. It offers tons of possibilities and constantly gives you opportunities to do new things, something that’s not typical in these types of games.



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