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GreenTuber helps you watch millions of videos (no ads!). Install NOW Enjoy YouTube Videos without ads.

More convenient installation, NO ADS, no microG needed.

Background Play
– Allows you to play videos in the background, so videos will continue to play when you exit GreenTuber for other social media apps.
– Use the Minimize function to fit Tube videos, in a small, resizable and movable window in the corner of your screen. Now you can play your favorite game, check your email, or do other tasks!
– Allows you to play videos in Floating Popup Play Mode.
– Play in full-screen mode or floating popup window as desired.

GreenTuber: can search videos, channels and playlists, play music tubes and movie tubes with full screen or floating popup window that always stays on top. The floating tube popup player lets you use the app while playing Tube music and tube videos.

It’s like the premium version but it’s free
Thanks to effective ad blocking, you will get a completely different user experience when videos play non-stop: videos are not interrupted or interrupted by annoying videos and advertising messages.

This app contains a built-in video ad blocker as well as a pop-up blocker. You no longer have to wait for the ad to end and click the little button to continue watching the video you are interested in. You will automatically skip the ad as if it didn’t exist.

Watching videos in the background is very convenient. And GreenTuber will give you that opportunity. You will be able to use other apps on your Android device without interrupting Tube video playback: checking email, chatting on messengers (Whatsapp, Telegram and others), playing your favorite games…

To make your user experience more comfortable, GreenTuber has a feature to play the videos you are interested in in a floating pop-up window mode. You can choose the video display format that is convenient for you: in full-screen format or in the form of a pop-up window that occupies only part of the phone screen.

– No Ads in the middle of the video
– No need to install other plug-ins, such as microG, Vanced Manager
– Maximum video resolution is on by default.
– Floating Popup Play Mode
– Enjoy free music with millions of music videos

– Search Videos & Music and watch video videos
– Download Videos
– Download Music
– View search history
– Support 1080/2k/4k
– Local Playlist
– Search Channels
– Detailed information about videos and music
– Bookmark your favorite videos and music
– Save your playlist
– Subscribe to the tube channels you like

High resolution videos
You can choose any resolution for video playback: from 144p and up to 8K, depending on your needs and the quality of your Internet connection.

GreenTuber is a third-party tube API. Video content comes from API Service. GreenTuber complies with the API Terms of Use.

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