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Grand StickMan Vegas is an action and adventure game similar to the classic GTA, where you’ll control a stickman from Las Vegas. In this game, you’ll immerse yourself in the streets of this great city to explore dangers and finish off all of the criminals.

One of Grand StickMan Vegas’ most entertaining features is that you can circulate freely through the city, completing your own missions. You’re not required to carry out certain actions in a specific order from the start. Instead, you’ll be able to explore the streets on your own.

The controls are very simple, and you’ll have several buttons that you can use, scattered across the screen. With these keys, you’ll be able to move, run, jump or you’ll be able to throw punches and kick other stick figures that approach you. You’ll even have lots of different cars and motorcycles at your disposal that you’ll be able to drive, to move more quickly.

Grand StickMan Vegas is a 3D game that lets you discover the city’s streets to experience loads of improvised adventures. On top of that, this time the story stars many different stick figures. There are so many factors involved in this game that assure you’ll have a blast playing every time.

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