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Granblue Fantasy is an Android RPG that, despite being launched in 2014, is still being played thanks to having revolutionized the mobile RPG sphere with its enormous amount of content and progress system based on gacha (unlockable boxes with random objects and characters).

The game has great Japanese icons of this genre behind it, such as composer Nobuo Uematsu and art director Hideo Minaba, who also did the music and graphics for some of the most famous installments in the Final Fantasy saga. Beyond the humility of its premise at the technical level, the title inevitably brings to mind JRPG classics.

You’ll move ahead in the story mode while you chat with different characters, unlock other new ones, and participate in an endless succession of fights. These happen in turns, letting you use different abilities and select the target you’re going to attack. Luckily it diverges from the automization that’s so standard in Freemium MMOs on Android these days.

Granblue Fantasy was originally released in Japanese, although years later an English patch was added so it could be enjoyed around the world without people who had started with the Asian version losing their progress.


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