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Golf Master is a 3D golf game where players can participate in exciting online games against other players from around the world. That said, should you not be able to find an opponent quickly, you can still play against the AI.

The controls in Golf Master are well adapted to touch devices. First, from an aerial perspective you’ve got to calculate the direction of your hit. This auto-selects which club you’ll use. Once you’ve selected the position you just have to adjust the power and precision of the hit. To do that you’ll need a good dose of precision, otherwise your ball will land where you don’t want it to.

The games in Golf Master last around five minutes, although of course the exact time will depend on how good you and your opponent are. Every time you win a match you’ll get different prizes that let you get new clubs and balls to play with. You can also unlock new, more effective clubs.

Golf Master is a good online golf game with nice graphics, a variety of different fields, and a simple and accessible game system. Thanks to the artificial intelligence system, if you don’t find a human opponent you can always compete against the game itself.



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