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Golf Blitz is a golf game where you play golf in a kind of silly way. With an addictive gameplay, it’s your job to hit each ball into the hole in the fewest number of strokes possible.

Graphics in Golf Blitz are pretty simple but attractive enough. On each level, there are different golf courses where you can hit balls until you get to the final hole. You can also play exciting multiplayer, turn-based games in real time.

Another strength of Golf Blitz is that you can collect different cards and skills for hitting the balls in new ways. This way, you can have some fun trying out these new abilities, hitting the ball further or faster.

In Golf Blitz, you’ll have a blast while playing golf on more than 20 different courses. Unlock three different characters, put on your hat so you look the part, and prove that you’re the best golfer in town.



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