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God Simulator is a management game where you’re in charge of spreading your religion across the entire planet. To do so, you have to attend to your followers and try to gain more as you go. But this process will be far from easy, forcing you to make some compromises if you don’t want to fall behind.

In God Simulator, you can move around the map by tapping on the available territories. From here, you can interact with the population of each country, trying to sway more people to join your religion. As you level up, you can also learn new ways to reach the masses.

On the bottom of the screen, you can easily see how many followers your religion has at that moment. You can also check a graph to see which religions are succeeding where. Beyond that, you can change your religion’s philosophy to attract new followers, but be careful not to lose the old ones.

God Simulator is a pretty entertaining clicker where you try to spread the word of the religion you created. Tap on various territories to reduce atheism and earn a bigger following all over the world.


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