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Girl Runner 3D is a casual game where you’re in charge of guiding the steps of a girl whose personality you need to develop during the games. By moving your character from one side of the screen to the other, you will collect items that let you shape her behavior.

The 3D universe makes it a lot easier for you to see all the elements, meaning you can run full-speed while still being aware of all the items you want to pick up. At the same time, above the girl’s head will be a box that shows you her personality. Keep in mind that you’ll be using the usual controls in this genre that are based on swiping the screen.

As you complete each level in Girl Runner 3D, you can see the different changes in the girl’s behavior. For example, if she’s showing healthy habits, it’s really important to pick up healthy food and dodge fatty foods.

At the end of each race, you also have to choose one of the two available doors. Some of these doors will even take you to fight hand-to-hand combat where you can increase the total number of rewards you receive. All this means you can gradually unlock new resources that will help you complete more complex levels.

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