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Giant Rush! is an addictive game where you make your way through long levels, eating all the other characters you encounter along the way until you become the biggest one still in the game. To win the level, all you have to do is defeat the biggest enemy who’s waiting for you at the finish line.

When you start the game, swipe horizontally (left to right and vice versa) to move your character wherever you want to go. But unlike other similar games, you don’t have to dodge the smaller characters. Instead, you want to run over them to eat them and grow bigger and more powerful.

As you play, you’ll see a line at the top of the screen that indicates how far you have to go before you reach the end. That said, it doesn’t end there, because once you reach the finish line, you’ll have to fight against the biggest character of all. Whoever is strongest will win.

Giant Rush! is a top-notch game that will keep you glued to your Android smartphone screen as you try to become as big as you can to win the final battle.


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